Current Status of the Dragon City Hack Working

Dragon City Hack Video :

This is our video on Youtube ! Be sure to check and keep in mind that the version present in the video is 2.03, we currently are at version 2.2 so a lot of things have changed !

Dragon City Hack - All in One Cheats -(Money,Gems and lots more) 2013

Dragon City Hack is a brand new Hack for one of the most popular games on Facebook.With this hack you can get unlimited amount of Gold, Food and Gems for Free.

We update the Dragon City Cheats on a weekly basis, first testing the Cheats in Betas and then releasing them to the public for free to make sure you can use this software easily and without problems.Keep scrolling down for more information and Download link for this Dragon City Hack.

The current version of this Dragon City Hack is version 2.2, in this version you can : Generate unlimited Food, Gems and Gold for the sole purpose of fun.You can immediatly use this Tool to Buy Dragons such as Legend, Dark, Metal, Ice, Electric, Etc.
What is better about this is that it has an auto-changing Integrated Proxy, which means it will be 100% undetectable by Facebook allowing you to enjoy The Dragon City Cheats forever.
This is how the current Version looks like :

Dragon City Hack Features :

-Dragon City Gold Hack

-Dragon City Gems Hack

-Dragon City Food Hack

-Dragon City Legendary Dragon Generator

-Dragon City Energy Generator

-Dragon City Secret Cheats

-Auto Facebook Detection (No need to insert your FB Password)

-Integrated Proxy for more protection.

How to use these Dragon City Cheats :

-Open Dragon City on Facebook
-Open our Dragon City Cheats
-Click Detect Game
-Input your desired amount of Gems, Gold, Food
-Click Transfer. Enjoy

Rules of the Dragon City Cheats :

-Do not abuse it.

-Do not try and sell it.

-Try to generate a normal amount of Gems, Gold or Food.

About this Dragon City Hack :

Dragon City is one of the most popular Facebook Games.It has shown a massive player increase in the last few months, prior to that we have decided to create a Dragon City Hack.As you have already seen, the hack is relatively easy to use and requires no effort from your side, players from all around the world can now play Dragon City without spending too much money ! This Hack has a few restrictions though, we will not tolerate anyone ABUSING it or selling it, we will ban their I.P from our Dragon City Cheats .

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Good luck on using our

Dragon City Hack and Cheats !